creates a Peaceful Paradise.
“We are the creators of our own reality”

Peace starts at an individual level. World peace starts with peace within.
It’s my job to stay in peace, because I believe ‘so within so without’ as Hermes Trismegistus’ said. How we feel, how we think, how we act creates our reality. We see our inner worlds reflected in the outer worlds.

To bring us back into inner peace and in a state of wonder I’ve created a series called ‘HOME in Peaceful Paradise’. I did this with the newest technology available: AI. It gave me the opportunity – finally!- to communicate my dreamy inner world and brings a vision of how our world could look like; Peaceful and calm. Light and harmonious. Safe. Abundant. A new Earth.

The series shows like a fairytale. I love fairytales because they all tell heroes journeys. And isn’t life a heroes journey for all of us? How to find the trail back home when we feel lost in the world? We are all the heroes and heroines in our own story and in the turmoil of todays world I would love to offer a body of work functioning as a possibility. A paradise that can be found in our inner landscapes. We have to journey within to find that place of peace inside. It is possible to create calm and be peaceful. In ourselves, in our homes, in our living environment. That is where it starts, in my opinion. In that order.

Pauline van Rijckevorsel (Plien) (1976) is a self-taught artist from the Netherlands.
She is inspired by the nature nature and the people she encounters while traveling. She transforms her observations into language that she uses as the basis for her AI prompts. The AI-generated illustrations then inspire her to provide input for fairy tales.
Clove Tree Hill is the first one published and shared in Bali where she found her inspiration for a part of the series ‘HOME in Peaceful Paradise’
She spends her life mainly in silence, contemplating, journaling, creating, envisioning her dreams and desires.